Have you ever found yourself dreaming about being able to “hear” what your animals are needing? Or wishing you knew what they wanted? What if you could learn a simple tool that could help you do just that?

When it comes to cultivating well-being daily through empowered choices and strengthening your intuitive muscles, adding Applied Kinesiology to your tool-kit can be a game-changer.

I first learned about Applied Kinesiology and how to use it with horses almost 20 years ago at the BC College of Equine Therapy under the instruction of Dave Collins. I was very skeptical and have put this tool through its paces with thousands of human and animal clients over the subsequent years, using it as a support with equine body work, saddle fitting, nutrition and supplementation, emotional and energetic work and more.

I continue to use it as a foundational part of my personal and professional practice with animals, finding it useful for every thing from supporting my decisions around food, remedies and supplements for myself and my animals, my choices around body workers, trainers, and health modalities for my animals, in navigating transitions and changes, and just generally as a simple communication method and an affirmation to my intuition. Over the years I have found myself more connected to my intuitive knowing, more clear on what works, or not, for myself and my animals, and more in tune with the many non-verbal beings in my world. It is a tool that keeps on giving and there is always more to learn and understand (which is the best when you’re inherently curious!).

This online course teaches you the basics of this simple, yet powerful, tool and how to use Applied Kinesiology daily for yourself, your family and your animals.

It includes step-by-step videos, a photo-rich manual and an online platform (based in Mighty Networks) full of tools and resources. It is the online version of a course I developed in 2006 and have taught to hundreds of people over the last 17 years. I re-recorded the videos last year to make the instruction more clear and easy to follow.

I have also included in this program my “Building Your Equine Apothecary” course to further support your process and learning with your horses and animals. This bonus course can also be supportive for all animal people as it includes information regarding using AK with flower essences, homeopathy, herbs and more.

Important: This tool is never a substitute for veterinary care – please reach out to your local veterinarian or other animal health professionals if you have concerns about your pet’s well-being.

In this self-study online course you’ll learn how to…

  • muscle test which foods, supplements and more are right for you and your animals
  • discern between many similar supplements to find the best one for you or your animal
  • Test for optimal amounts and timing of supplements, herbs and more  
  • construct simple and precise statements and questions for accurate results
  • use vibrational remedies, including flower essences, for physical and emotional well-being
  • identify dehydration using muscle testing
  • identify and balance key acupressure and energy points on you and your animals
  • start strengthening your intuition on a daily basis
  • learn self muscle testing, partner muscle testing and pendulum testing
  • use this tool to connect with your animals easily and accurately
  • safely use this tool and learn the most supportive ways to work with it, and where not to use it.

Here’s everything you’ll receive as a part of this online course…

  • Over 2 hours of video instruction from Alexa, split into 13 easily digestible online modules
  • Two pre-recorded 75 minute Q & A and skill-building webinars with Alexa
  • Lifetime access to online course content including webinar replays
  • A printable PDF Kinetic Communication manual complete with detailed instructions and images
  • 5 minute brain-balancing technique to get you in the “zone”
  • Grounding visualization MP3 with Alexa
  • Hydration visualization MP3 with Alexa
  • Email access to Alexa for questions
  • Bonus: Access to Building your Equine Apothecary online course with Alexa providing further support and information around equine supplementation, herbs, homeopathy and flower remedies, as well as making herbal supports for your horses.

 Who is Alexa?

For over 17 years, Alexa has been supportive in the healing process of thousands of animals and people using Applied Kinesiology, and has taught hundreds of people how to use this simple, effective tool to support themselves and their animals.

She continues to use Applied Kinesiology in her animal communication and equine therapy sessions and is constantly expanding her understanding of how to work with it most effectively, as well as how to teach this tool in the most simple and accessible ways possible.

This course comes from this desire – to share a helpful tool and skill set that can support humans and their animals to be their best.

Alexa also has a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Equine Sport Therapy certificate, is a co-instructor of an Equine Cranial Therapy Certification, author of a book of navigating pet loss, host of the Whole Horse Podcast, and is a osteopathic manual practitioner for humans.

Add Applied Kinesiology to your tool-kit

If you’ve been thinking about learning muscle testing, pendulum testing or figuring out how to use AK with animals, this self study course is a great starting point. Get lifetime access to course content, all on an easy to navigate online platform.

This course is as fun as it is useful. At first I was a bit daunted as to how I would successfully achieve mastery of this new skill set, but the way Alexa conveyed the information and instructions inspired my confidence. I really like how the course is broken down into bite sized chunks that build off of one another. This helped me learn the material in a digestible way and made it easy to review key concepts as needed. I’m super thankful to have this tool in my toolkit as an animal mom, and in my life in general!

Elsie Reford

This course that Alexa has developed has been a life changer! It has really encouraged me to tap into my intuitive sense, helped me develop tools and communication that I can rely on, and given me the ability to have clear communication with myself and my horses. So thankful for this course and I can’t recommend it enough!

Anya Kuziw

Alexa’s Kinetic Communication course has been absolutely invaluable! She teaches skills in a way that help empower people to trust their intuition, and with easy to follow instruction. I use the skills Alexa taught me on a daily basis with my own horses from picking out the type and dosage of supplements and herbs to determining whether or not they want their blanket on for the evening. I also use it in a professional capacity to help me determine areas that client horses would like me to address during our sessions, two choices of flower essences. Furthermore, I use it regarding my own health and well-being. I was absolutely convinced at one point a particular supplement was going to be perfect for me. I was at the nutrition store when I did the self testing, and just about flung the bottle across the room as my body had such a strong “no” reaction. It helps me get out of my head and into my body as our bodies have infinitely more wisdom innately than we have learned from books.

Brittany Lowe