Transition Support Sessions with Animals 

Alexa specializes in supporting animals with transitions, past, present, or future, whether they involve physical and emotional injury or limitation, change of environment/moving, a change in stewardship, death and dying or the loss of an herd or pack mate, a challenging training experience, or a a move due to evacuation or sudden change. She loves helping animals communicate, heal and adapt, with support from a combination of modalities, including BodyTalk, Animal communication, flower essence work, nutrition support, and osteopathy. As an Osteopathic Practitioner, she brings intensive knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and interconnectivity to each session.

All animal sessions are done remotely with Alexa over Zoom or phone. Sessions are typically 1-hour in length and include an intake as well as guidance on possible paths forward.

Important: This work is never a substitute for veterinary care – please reach out to your local veterinarian if you have concerns about your pet’s well-being.

One client shared with me her explanation for friends which I loved – “I don’t know exactly how my computer works, but it just works! And I love that it does”. Do you have to “get it” for it to work? Thankfully no. In fact, even fifteen years in, I sometimes feel like I’m still at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding this work and how it really works.

We are made up entirely of energy – quite literally, if you break us down into the tiniest particles, we are made up of atoms. Which means those atoms can be re-configured, shifted, moved, released, observed and loved into greater health.

Animals tend to benefit on all levels from this type of work – they understand that at our foundation we are made up of energy and that shifts are not only possible, but probable.


The saying “when you change the way you see things, the things you see change” definitely applies with Alexa’s sessions! Holding things differently and seeing Libby respond so positively, these shifts flowed into my way of being to benefit all aspects of my life including my marriage, friendships, family and business.

Through exploring Libby, I explored myself – how I held relationship and connection, expectations of self, other and partnership, where I had shut down intuition, how I communicated intention, correction and praise, my occupational hazard of looking relentlessly forward rather than celebrating moments, where I held back from fully expressing joy, play and movement with abandon. These transformations have allowed me to start to become a better partner for Libby. As a result, she has opened up to relationship, I honour her perfection and wisdom and we enjoy a playful partnership that I know will continue to deepen and grow.

Each session brings insight into stored energies, beliefs and stories, leading to aha moments and fresh perspectives. Ideas for trying new behaviours emerge and integrate between sessions. As a result of working with Alexa, I dropped into a greater sense of trusting and embracing intuition, something I often swatted away like some annoying fly. Having intuitive messages sent by Libby validated and supported was unbelievably empowering and allowed me to own this previously ignored sense. How freeing and powerful is that! To embrace this means nothing is resisted, a trusting of self, freedom, transparency and playfulness that has not only transformed my relationship with Libby but also with all relationships. I am connected, Libby is now willing to connect with me and all relationships have benefited.

I think what I love most about BodyTalk with Alexa is my and Libby’s continuous unfolding. I feel like I’m on a grand adventure of discovery, exploring an infinite pool of awareness and energy through this partnership with Libby. Although energy work has been practiced for centuries, I feel like humankind is at the tipping point of fully embracing energy work and I love that Libby and I are examples of the kind of incredible transformation possible.

Geri Ramsay