A life-long learner, Alexa brings her curiosity, kind heart and collaborative nature to her diverse body of work. As an osteopathic practitioner (DOMP, graduated in 2021 from the Canadian School of Osteopathy, 5 + year program), Alexa draws on her 15 years of manual therapy and energy work practice to support her clients to feel their best, working from her home studio in Duncan, BC (with a little help from her two dogs and her cat).

Speaking of animals, they are Alexa’s passion, specifically horses, and a core part of her work in the world and her family. From one-on-one intuitive work, to several long-standing online programs and courses, including the Whole Horse Apprenticeship, and a six-season podcast (The Whole Horse Podcast) that supports horse people around the world with collaborative and heart-centred conversations about equine well-being. She is also the author of Death Sucks: A Straight-up Guide to Navigating Your Pet’s Final Transition (find your copy here), a valued contributor to Community Horse Journals, and co-instructor of a comprehensive Equine Cranial Therapy Certification alongside Elisse Miki.

Alexa lives with her partner Patrick, her two dogs Reilly and Solo and cat Makwa, and her two horses Raven and Diva in the Cowichan Valley, unceded territory of the Cowichan peoples, on Vancouver Island. When not working, she can be found at the barn, in the garden, on a dance floor, or out hiking on the beautiful trails this valley has in plenty. She takes steps daily to continue to de-colonize herself and, by extension, the horse industry.

She looks forward to connecting with you and your animals soon.